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Web Optimization

Web Site Optimization

Website optimization is modifying your site to enhance sales or reach your web site goals.  It also involves tracking user behavior on your website and making changes to ensure that your objectives are met.  An example of this could be having visitors fill out a request for information form or perhaps directing them to a certain page.

To optimize your website we use different testing tools.  Google has some of the most in-depth and FREE tools on the market.  We can ensure that your site is not only setup with these tools, but is also using them to their full potential.

How do you test?

Google Analytics

This free analytic software has a wide range of basic and an even more in-depth products to track and analyze user behavior on your website.

AdWords Website Optimizer

Google’s AdWords has a great way of testing various versions of your site’s ad copy, colors, images and other features to see which variation performs better.  Their website optimizer splits traffic to test pages for a desired user behavior.  From your AdWords campaigns you can create two different landing pages for the same product.  This way, you can set your user behavior goal (send email, fill out form, click through to another page) and test which ad copy or images initiate the desired user behavior.

The end-result? Instant, direct information on which page preforms better.  No more guessing!

H2o Clients Services

When you sign on with H2o Consulting we help you setup these services as part of every package.  If you are already using Google Analytics or AdWords we’ll help you use your existing data to optimize and track your site’s goals and conversions.

Request your quote today and start converting your website’s traffic into sales.