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Facebook Etiquette and Sharing

Properly Tagged Post

Some social media etiquette seems simple enough but not all the time.  There are good practices and ways to share content on Facebook.

1) Always share another pages’ photos versus downloading.

This is simple, if you are simply downloading someone else s photos and uploading them to you site as your own content this copyright infringement.  The flip side is if people post on Facebook and you share that content using the “share” button they will actually appreciate it versus report you to Facebook.

2) Tag your photos appropriately

Not only does it show the love for other companies out there and let others know where to buy or find that product, it also helps that product and your reach a larger audience.  It’s likely to get posted on that person’s feed and to their fans if properly tagged.

Keep in mind you have to like a page in order to Tag it in most cases.

3) Copyright infringement can have your account shut down.

Repeat offenders have had their accounts shut down.  There are a number of cases out there where infringing companies have had their pages taken down by Facebook.  \


Example of properly tagged and linked post

Proper Tagging on Facebook

Example of website crapping and not showing any love

Improper Tagging on Faceook