February, 2012 | H2o Consulting

February 2012

Do you own your domain

Over the years I’ve come across many clients who didn’t actually own their own domain. At the very least their domain wasn’t registered in their name. How does this happen?

  1. If you’ve had your site built years ago, it was common practice to have your webmaster register your domain name. They sometimes just blanketed the domain name information with their info to speed up the registration process.
  2. Your hosting service registered your domain name for you, they put is in their name.

How do you check if you own your domain name?

Most hosting companies have a Who is look up on

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their sites.

Go Daddy Who Is Lookup

Network Solutions Who Is Lookup

So what do I do if I find that my domain is in someone name?

The second one is an easy fix. Simply call your hosting service and have them make the change for you.

The first scenario can get a little tricky. If you registered your domain with your old webmaster, hopefully there’s no bad blood. If there is don’t panic. Each host does have a domain name dispute policy. It does involve paperwork and some waiting time but be patient, if your claim is valid you will get control over your domain again.

We did come across a situation with one of our clients where the company that originally registered the domain went out of business. Once we tracked down the individual, by going through a phone book and calling last names, they were more than happy to help us with the paperwork to have the registrant data changed.

The bottom line is if you don’t know that you know your domain name is yours, check. If you find that it isn’t, don’t panic. Have your current webmaster help you through the process.

What should my registrant data should look like?

Registrant: You

Administrator: You

Technical Contact: Your webmaster

Billing Contact: You or your billing department (so when the domain name is about to expire the right people are going to get notified)

Here is one of our clients we helped out a few years ago. The original company who build the site was no longer. Give the Who is look up a try as see the results.

Don’t over look the billing contact information. As you never want to have your domain name expire. Having to repurchase your domain name from a reseller can be costly. We’ve seen clients have to buy back domain names from as low as $1000 to up to $50,000. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have any questions or would like help getting your domain name back feel free to contact us any time.


Hobby Store Ecuador Ecommerce

Quito’s best Hobby Shop just received a facelift this week. The launch of Hobby Ecuador’s new RC air, race and dirt track combined with the launch of the new website has kept the Owner, Raul Gomez, very busy this week.

The new Ecommerce solution was launched by the H2o consulting team giving Hobby Ecuador a site where it’s patrons can not

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only browse products but buy them online. Integration with paypal allowed Ecuadorians for the first time be able to make their hobby purchases online.

If you are in Quito and need some R/C hobby supplies check out www.hobbystoreecuador.com

Ecuadorian Coastal Properties

We’d like to

To took seems the worst it Cream?

take the opportunity to welcome Ecuadorian Coastal Properties to the H2o family. Richard Parker of ECP has been living and selling real estate in Ecuador for almost 5 years. He has developed a long list of very happy clients in the time that he’s been ensuring people’s retirement, investment and South American dreams become a reality.

H2o looks forward to developing a new website as well as Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing plan for Ecuadorian Coastal Properties.

Thanks Richard for the opportunity to become part of peoples dream and successful investments.