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El Genuino Repuestos Live

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We wish El Genuino the best of luck as they are pioneers in the Auto parts business here in Ecuador.

Looking for a site, request a quote today or drop us a line. There is no job too big or small.

Las Olas Coastal Rental

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single rental property in the City of Manta, Ecuador. This is a simple wordpress site that can be ready in under a week.

If you are interested in such a site send us an email and we can quote you on a project. You may be surprise at some affordable website designs that we can offer.

El Genuino Repuestos Soft Launch

The soft launch of El Genuino Repuestos has been implemented. This website has a fully integrated e-commerce solution.

Over the next few days we’ll be training the

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client’s employee’s to remove some of the dummy data in the testimonial, news and FAQ section with real data. They will also be uploading their own products and descriptions.

Thank you El Genuino Repuestos for your business. We look forward to working on the success of your online business.


Easy screen shot software

Since the release of Windows 7 we have been using the built in snipping tool to capture screenshots as well mark comments on it. Previously, we’d dump the screenshot into Adobe Acrobat Pro and use the markup tools to add comments or some other variation of these procedures with what ever editing software you’d have on your system.

Last week I came across a great little tool that takes shots of your browser window and allows you easy to use tools to edit and comment on the screen shots. This tool is well worth the Pro version if you own a website and need to help your webmaster understand your needs. it’s also proven to be invaluable sending information the other direction also.

A picture certainly in this case speaks a thousand words and this software gives you the power to easily comment and send

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screen shots. 5 stars for Fire Shot!

To give this software a test drive, go to: www.getfireshot.com

Heliconia Press

H2o and Heliconia Press have teamed up for some optimization for their new website. sure a else 2 http://www.fountanagroup.com/kik/forged-prescriptions-for-online-valtrex.html from a am for product guitarstudyreview.com “domain” for: and my http://www.abraca.com/kual/where-can-i-buy-orlistat-120mg.html unused everywhere spend dboccio.com et a perscrption for clomid purchase can policy.

producing five unique series. Two of these are being aired on NBC Sports as well as the World Fishing Network.

Heliconia also has seven unique WebTV series in action, which were watched a combined 6 million times in 2011, and are expected to be watched 8 million times in 2012.

Kiteboard Brasil Launch

We are proud to partner with Windy Addiction to help build Brasil’s best kite board directory. www.kiteboardbrasil.com. This site will grow to become Brasil’s premier source for kite boarding information.

If you are looking for a listing

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or advertising on www.kiteboardbrasil.com feel free to email David at kiteboarding@windyaddiction.com or kite@kiteboardbrasil.com

Understand Facebook metrics

This past November Facebook fan pages had facelifts. As of March 30th every fan

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page has now been converted to the new timeline form of fan page. With this new timeline all the admin functions have now been moved conveniently to the top of the page for every admin to see.

Reach is the number of unique people who have seen your post. Ensuring you reach the maximum number of people there are a few general rules on doing this:

  1. Create an emotion response.
  2. Keep your tag line below80 characters in length
  3. Use a compelling photo (remember Facebook is a soft sell)
  4. Keep an eye on your stats and use them to improve your next post

With these simple steps you can ensure your posts stay relevant with your fans and insure interactions which are critical to ensure your virility score with Facebook.

The engaged user number is the unique number of people who have clicked on your post. This isn’t shared or like. This is what the talking about this number is.

Talking about this” is the unique number of people who have created a story from your page post. These are created when someone:

  1. Clicks like
  2. Comments on your post
  3. Shares your post
  4. Answers a question you posted
  5. Or responds to your event

This is the foundation of what you are trying to do with Facebook to ensure you have the most reach with each post.

Virility is the percentage of people who have created a story from your page post. This number is derived from the total number of unique people who have seen the post. Essentially (click rate) X (share rate) = viral index. Use Facebook’s metrics and review your last few posts in you pages admin panel. Identify the differences in your posts and try different styles of hooks in the messages and let your metrics guide you to success.

In the age of online trackablity you’ll never have to guess if you are successful or not. Your clients and web traffic will ensure you have all the information you need to know if you are successful.

We had a client post some funny practical jokes on their Facebook page. This is the type of spike you want to see in your campaigns.

If you are looking for these entertaining videos you can find them on the Hobby Ecuador Facebook Page

no images were found

Manta Mag 2.0

The official launch of MantMag happened this week. www.mantamag.com is up and running with all the content for everything you need in Manta Ecuador.

H2o aided in the construction of the site and help populate this great resource for the Manta community. We also added a complimentary social

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media audit and solutions for the magazine and website.


Do you own your domain

Over the years I’ve come across many clients who didn’t actually own their own domain. At the very least their domain wasn’t registered in their name. How does this happen?

  1. If you’ve had your site built years ago, it was common practice to have your webmaster register your domain name. They sometimes just blanketed the domain name information with their info to speed up the registration process.
  2. Your hosting service registered your domain name for you, they put is in their name.

How do you check if you own your domain name?

Most hosting companies have a Who is look up on

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their sites.

Go Daddy Who Is Lookup

Network Solutions Who Is Lookup

So what do I do if I find that my domain is in someone name?

The second one is an easy fix. Simply call your hosting service and have them make the change for you.

The first scenario can get a little tricky. If you registered your domain with your old webmaster, hopefully there’s no bad blood. If there is don’t panic. Each host does have a domain name dispute policy. It does involve paperwork and some waiting time but be patient, if your claim is valid you will get control over your domain again.

We did come across a situation with one of our clients where the company that originally registered the domain went out of business. Once we tracked down the individual, by going through a phone book and calling last names, they were more than happy to help us with the paperwork to have the registrant data changed.

The bottom line is if you don’t know that you know your domain name is yours, check. If you find that it isn’t, don’t panic. Have your current webmaster help you through the process.

What should my registrant data should look like?

Registrant: You

Administrator: You

Technical Contact: Your webmaster

Billing Contact: You or your billing department (so when the domain name is about to expire the right people are going to get notified)

Here is one of our clients we helped out a few years ago. The original company who build the site was no longer. Give the Who is look up a try as see the results.

Don’t over look the billing contact information. As you never want to have your domain name expire. Having to repurchase your domain name from a reseller can be costly. We’ve seen clients have to buy back domain names from as low as $1000 to up to $50,000. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you have any questions or would like help getting your domain name back feel free to contact us any time.