February, 2011 | H2o Consulting

February 2011

New Logo for H2o

Very special thanks to Emmett McPartlin at Tactual Systems for the creation and design of H2o’s logo.  Emmett has been designing websites for over a decade now and is always on the cutting edge of the next generation of design.

Tactual Systems worked on some amazing touch screen applications for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  Currently they are developing the next mush have IPhone applications.  Check them out http://www.tactualsystems.com/

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New Logo thanks to Tactual System

Testing Time Sponge

Testing your website’s rank against your competitors on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the list just keeps going on, can be a large drain on your time.  This can potentially the biggest time sponge that you’ve ever come across in your business career.  There are some tools out there that can help you see where you stand in the online world against your competition.    Here’s all you need before clicking on this link:

Your company website

  1. Pick your two closest competitors
  2. Pick three of your most competitive keywords
  3. Then take that info to this site:  http://www.instantrankmeter.com/home

If the information you find surprises you, H2o can help bring your name back to the top of the list both organically and with any sized pay per click model.   Once you are back on top with SEO, then the real testing begins.  Ensuring that the traffic you are driving to your website is converting to phone calls, emails and direct business.  That is the true testing time sponge that translates directly back to your bottom line and that is online conversions.